images of mourning

POSTCARD #227: New Delhi: Seen from the air, mourners gather and take their positions to form the Thai numeral 9. The formal title of the Thai King, Rama IX. Found on our Thai social network page, dated 19 October.



Source of the Thai song:


19 thoughts on “images of mourning

    • Thanks Ellen, the photos we normally receive on the Thai social network show friends and family and the general public in shops, going to work, all wearing black or white and black, and suddenly there’s no colour in Thailand. It has quite an impact on us here in Delhi…

      • I can manage with the meds until it’s time to return to BKK, 10 December and the appointment with my favourite neurologist neurosurgeon. Thanks for enquiring…

      • That’s good to know. I often think of you and wonder how you are. Several of my WP connects seem to be suffering poor health of one type or or other.

      • Alice in Wonderland. Strange things happen, beware. I never thought I’d have poor health. A few bumps and scrapes, otherwise just sailing along. Now I ‘have’ this, or it has me, till the end of my days. But never consistent; goes away then comes back again in a slightly new form. It’s never dull, no no…

      • Me too. Didn’t see a doctor for decades.Then one day my wife was in the kitchen and heard a loud bang from upstairs. I had blacked out. Turned out I had a meningioma. The resulting operation to remove it left some scarring of the brain with consequential periodic epileptic episodes. With medication (plus turmeric) the latter are thankfully a minor inconveniences.

      • I had to look up that one, Meningioma, brain tumor. The way you describe it sounds like being hit by a truck! The meds you take for that are in the same category as mine: Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic medication. For PHN sufferers it has this way of convincing the mind that there is no pain, when in fact there is. Turmeric, I didn’t know about…

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