Truthful Words to Pacify the Fear of War

Editor’s Note: I’m here with Jiab and M on holiday in Phuket. Some rain and sunshine, Thinking of those less fortunate than I, and the terrible situation in Ukraine. Just this morning I found a beautiful, apt Dharma message from The Great Middle Way blog, and re-blogged it here:

oṃ maṇi peme hum

POSTCARD#471: Victorious Maitreya, sublime and noble Chenrezi, ferocious king Hayagrīva, Jetsün Tārā, and all Holy Buddhas, the mere sound of whose names dispels all fear —compassionate sources of refuge, please hear my prayer!

In this time when individuals experience an oceanic surge of negative karma and jealousy –the age of fivefold decadence and strife– as intense suffering, fighting and quarrelling oppress us, please burn it all in the fires of your compassionate wisdom.

Shower the nectar of love upon those who fan the flames of hatred. Bless them to recognize one another as parents, and thereby usher in auspiciousness and happiness.

May the mischievous unwholesome thoughts that enter the minds of beings and instantaneously transform their hosts into warring demons never hold sway again.

May all who have died in battles, combat, conflicts, and wars immediately give up their indulgence in destructive action, cause and effect, and, having taken birth in the pure realm of Dewachen, lead all to that same Buddha realm.

May all beings have long and healthy lives, be free of quarrels and strife, practice the ten virtues, experience timely rains and bountiful harvests, and may the auspiciousness of the environment and beings increase exponentially.

May these pure, vast prayers be accomplished through the compassion of the Lama, Yidam, and Three Rare and Sublime Ones, Suchness, which by its very nature is utterly pure, and the appearance of things, the undeceiving nature of cause and effect.

—Thangtong Gyalpo

5 thoughts on “Truthful Words to Pacify the Fear of War

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. The headache just stops me in its tracks. can’t seem to get out of it.
      Ok today, inspiring to hear from you. Phuket was a breath of fresh air.

      • i have been lagging of late, and while i don’t have an ACTUAL headache the tracks are often…haha. I do think of you and the work you do so often, and how very much help you have been to me in what have been quite challenging days. I have you on my “table”, of course but sadly haven’t found a way to extirpate headaches! take care and carry on. Glad Phuket was nice! xxxxx

      • Today it’s okay, clear headedness occupies the space where the headache and the meds that cushion it, used to be. The meds just make you feel ok about the pain. I still have the twitch.
        Are you back in the fires season again? Hope you are ok

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