Thai house carvings, Chulalongkorn UniversityPOSTCARD#99: Chiang Mai: The day before yesterday I got my computer back from the repair shop… the stress of these last three months with it crashing all the time has been too much. No reliable way of getting it fixed because I’m travelling all the time and things being as they are in these Asian locations, making do, and looking out for an opportunity all the time. Meanwhile having to use the WordPress app for iPhone – really too small and going cross-eyed. So I bought an iPad mini which my 10-year-old niece (M) grabbed immediately and I had to go back to using the iPhone again – this is how it is…. Then when the laptop came back there was this small revelation – maybe it was just the relief that the stress wasn’t there anymore. Hard to say how or when it changed, some time after what we call the ‘now’ moment – perception arises after the event, it occurs in hindsight… things are seen to be in agreement. Everything attached to the former is suddenly gone… there’s something in the air.

Even before it happened, there were signs that it all seemed to be moving towards this kind of integration. Walking down the lane to the main road, mid-morning traffic, I see a tuk-tuk (3-wheeled taxi) arriving, just as I emerge on to the thoroughfare, and it stops right in front of me. I climb in and off we go; no traffic hold-up anywhere, no red light at the junction, just one large right turn and down the straight road to the mall building. Get out, pay the driver, into the mall, up to the second floor and I’m thinking the repair shop’ll not be open yet… probably have to get a cup of coffee or something. But all the lights are on, staff behind the desk, no line of people waiting… how can it be as easy as this? So I go in and hand the guy my creased and crumpled stapled-together papers with repair-job number and signed receipt for $680(!) They had to send for the parts from Singapore (incredible) and it’s taken a month already; there’s a kind of grumbling discontent hovering like a shadow at the edge of vision; grumble-grumble-grumble, and I’m waiting for the trigger: he’s going to tell me it’s not ready yet… I’m going to fall back into the justified-outrage film-loop thing that plays in the head… but it wasn’t like that, the man comes out from behind somewhere and he’s holding my laptop, says it came back yesterday. Here you are, he says, and gives it to me.

Unbelievable, put it in the bag: thank you very much, bye-bye, and downstairs to street level. Another tuk-tuk just happens to come along, get in and away on the long straight road; no red light for the second time, wide swerve left and along the narrow lane to the apartment. Up in the elevator, get inside and searching for the power cable for the laptop – can’t find it, maybe it’s lost… oh no, grumbling discontent returns… ‘self’ as the victim-of-circumstance default. Then while I’m looking for that, I find another power cable, the one for my little projector, wow! I’ve been looking for that for months… and sure enough, I find the power cable for the laptop; it was where I left it. The missing pieces of the jigsaw fit exactly, and it’s a huge relief to have my machine back.

The rest of that day just vanished, busy getting things re-installed, and I wasn’t able to put up the post I’d intended, so now I’m two days late. The world is reflected upon in hindsight. I was going to write something about 23 October being Chulalongkorn day in Thailand and, by chance, it was also Divali in India (lunar calendar)… there goes that agreement thing again, celebrations all around. Another factor in it all is that this is my 99th postcard post, something satisfying about that number. Then there’s this awareness that everything is in agreement, a renewed certainty in the way things are. The return of the laptop puts everything right, it means also that M now has unlimited access to the iPad, and she’ll most likely fall heir to it around Christmas. So I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad, and I’ll be able to read all your posts again, thank you…

“The search for a spiritual path…has to trigger an inner realization, a perception which pierces through the facile complacency of our usual encounter with the world to glimpse the insecurity perpetually gaping underfoot. When this insight dawns, even if only momentarily, it can precipitate a profound personal crisis. It overturns accustomed goals and values, mocks our routine preoccupations, leaves old enjoyments stubbornly unsatisfying.” [Bhikkhu Bodhi]


for the upper image source, click on the link: ‘Chulalongkorn day’ on this page

13 thoughts on “agreement

  1. I am so familiar with that flipflop: “every fits”/”it’s all going wrong””/every fits”/”it’s all going wrong”.Slowly learning to observe rather than reacting. Congratulations on your one hundredth post. Happy to hear your laptop is back on line. I always enjoy your posts, and now I won’t have to think of you having to struggle (so much 😉 ) to produce them.

    • Thanks Ben, yes it’s a flipflop and it can take some time to see that that’s what it is. Not reacting to it, remove the flop from the flip and see the outside circumstances. So now I’m hoping I’ll be able to ease back from the struggle with it…
      and another thing, I just noticed it’s not the 100th, it’s the 99th postcard post. My mistake, no worries, I just went into the past and changed it 🙂

  2. Just bought a new computer because of problems with the old one. Got data transferred and then was told the new one freezes. Must load all the programs and figure out new stuff. Too sick with some sort of lingering virus to do anything. Should have stuck with the old as you did. A lesson in here somewhere about making life more complicated. Miss being online but too sick to do it. Only writing to those I really feel tied to in a deeper way.

    • I know how you feel, sounds like you need a technical person to help – that’s what I usually do. When it’s difficult like this, sometimes you just have to follow the thing all the way through to the end. You’ll know when you get to the end because there’ll only be a faint memory of how difficult it was, and that’s when you can start afresh…

      • Thanks for the encouragment. I was on the phone with India today and got a FEW things straightened out. Have to go slowly. Dell service in India is really very good. And nice to have a link, hpowever tenuous, to India.

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