valentine 2017 falling in love again

interior_of_lotus_templePOSTCARD #250: New Delhi: Completely blown away at the Bahá’í Lotus Temple with the monk, Bodhinando – and it could be that an experienced young meditator like him, now entering the world for the first time after 5 years of intense practice, was just giving off this unseen bliss and harmony when sitting in meditation. Or it could be the dome itself, the amazing acoustics with fragments of birdsong, trills, chirps and whistles from the high windows up there; acrobatics of sound echoing 40 meters above our heads.

When we started the sit, I was struggling with head pain and didn’t think I could do it… pressure over the right eye. I couldn’t get up and leave without disturbing others, so the only way out was ‘in’. I tried getting focused on the in-breath/ out-breath, but the mind scampered away, again and again like a playful puppy. I persevered with it, over and over, did my best but in the end, gave up, or it might be better said that I gave in; whatever… ready to get up and go. But, just then, things started happening, triggered by that decisive acceptance, release of tension, and a huge enfoldment began, with everything tipping over, collapsing into a gentle falling.

A slow-mo picture of what happens when falling off the top of a tall building and the fun aspect of it is there’s no ground down below. Pieces of thought imagery flying past me in the fall, some are on the same level as the whole thing remains in free fall like this. It was a giving-in to it, a kind of birthing, a relinquishing, transitioning, and a swoon, a falling in love again, again.

The fall was without gravity; direction ‘down’ had no particular meaning, nor was ‘up’ or ‘through’. I use word ‘me’ object, and ‘I’ subject, as location points in the description of the event, and not as me, the Person walking around in the world. In the slow spinning enfolding through all directions and dimensions, the ‘I’ aspect was everywhere, all around, above and below, and inside and including the ‘me’, the Person who is normally separate, walking around in the world.

Then there was a small noise, and in response I opened my eyes; a shocking brightness of the here-and-now… what’s happening? Some people were leaving and the rustling of their clothing had drawn my attention. Closed my eyes again and the inner enfolding sensation was still there. It continued like this and when we left I carried it with me, looked at my watch and maybe an hour had passed, completely enthralling.

The word is Jhana perhaps; there was a familiarity about it. I must have experienced this years ago, and knew how to just go with it and when the opportunity arose, I gave up (gave in), relaxed the intensity, and everything was enfolded in the fall. As we were walking in the huge grounds surrounding the place, I was describing the thing with Bodhinando and asking him about it. I remember he looked at me once with small smile, and didn’t reply. Then I was going to ask him again later but forgot what the question was…

1-1Love is everywhere on Saint Valentine’s Day (and every day). Upper picture: the interior of the Lotus Temple, click on this link for more from Wikipedia. Photo above: Heart shape in the folds of a blue towel our taxi driver had placed on his seat in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, North India… and Marlene Dietrich from 1930, falling in love again.

14 thoughts on “valentine 2017 falling in love again

  1. Beautiful words… so inspiring. Could be the monk was giving off Shakti or that you reached new depths of your own accord. You must have missed having had it once and then to have it go. So inspiring. I am going to listen to some chanting after this. The Bahai temple is truly beautiful. The sounds sound Divine. I have been to one in Chicago near my husbands childhood home. And live is everywhere. Mooji talks of the heart opening up with enlightenment. The hearts everywhere. Even in the driver’s jacket. So inspiring… Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. So inspiring…

    • Shakti, yes, it’s the energy we sense, even in this written piece. There are no words really for this kind of experience and if I recognise this from something that happened a long time ago the pure energy of it is gone from the verbalising process, also in the memory because language forms are how the mind functions. It’s very much a here-and-now event – everyone and everything is filled with the energy. Perception of something divine like this is a rare opportunity, the rest of life is the same if we have a mind to see ordinary actions as divine actions. So much could be said about this…

  2. “As we were walking in the huge grounds surrounding the place, I was describing the thing with Bodhinando and asking him about it. I remember he looked at me once with small smile, and didn’t reply.”

    He gave you a profound answer 😀

  3. This sounded like an amazing experience Tiramit, and it appeared to be all set of by ‘giving in’. It seems to be the way for many difficulties, pain, and worries. A lovely post. 🙂

    • Thanks Jude, yes it’s giving in. Let’s say there are different levels of ‘giving-in’, at that time, for different reasons, it was a giving-in after the iron grip of reluctance and holding on suddenly relaxed. It was all freefall after that…

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