trump and the seventy-one million

POSTCARD#395: Bangkok: He’s gone from my side of the political fence, and without media support he’s nowhere to be found – is the world starting to forget Donald J. Trump? The fear of his predicted pay-back time came and went. His claim of voter fraud proved to be a fraud in itself – all of his plots backfired and everything is now moving slowly towards the exit. Time for a celebration, it’s quiet for the first time in four years. We can ease back from the fear, outrage and hate, and there’s the distinct feeling that the Trump enchantment has vanished from the heart. A new Democratic leadership in agreement with revived Republicanism, can pull the country back from the brink of disaster.

But he’s not gone yet! Whatever he’s saying with Rudy Giuliani, disregard the content and consider the rhetoric of Trump. He poisons the mind. He is toxic. He is hazardous, injurious and ruinous to health. Narcissistic ego-maniacs like Trump, control situations by sending the other person into confusion and dismay. So, if you see him again, pick up the remote, switch off, switch over, or get yourself out of there! Beware of thinking this is the endgame, the last act, just before the bottom drops out of his world and there we are, glued to our television screens. We want closure but instead, we’re getting locked into the hurt again, the pain, the sick feeling. Building up an endurance threshold, and tolerating the suffering unknowingly creates an attachment to it – thus we have an insight into the power he has over people.

The Buddhist in me has to acknowledge Trump is an extraordinary being – I mean what do you give to a kid who has everything? A child who becomes a millionaire at the age of eight? Now after a lifetime of getting what he wants, he must also know everything there is to know about the dark side of desire; bliss becomes irritation in a moment and then it’s a hell realm. He must have tried over and over to modify desire and get it to continue to be what he wants maybe with some success but in the midst of disaster, fury, rage: the First Noble Truth: Suffering, dukkha… start here.

There’s no evidence that Trump ever tried to explore the mind in any wholesome way, he learned about letting go because holding on to what he wanted had to include the things he didn’t want being there too – best not to get unduly attached. He learned about superficialities; forever searching for harmless foolish things, something to obtain, procure, secure –a mood, a good feeling – the culture of consumerism. Always wanting something else, but not able to narrow down the options sufficiently to get what he actually wants. All that remains is the ‘wanting’ itself, hungry and dissatisfied, ungratified desire, in the man who could have anything and wanting the ‘wanting’ to stop doesn’t make it stop, it only increases the level of ‘wanting’. This is the First Noble Truth: Suffering, dukkha… start here.

There is some wisdom he acquired perhaps but Trump is not able to remove the cause of his Suffering because – and this may come as a surprise to some of us, he is a drug addict. I’ve gone through YouTube and I’m convinced, check it out below:

Link: The Prescription President

Making up the seventy-one million who voted for Trump, are various individuals and large numbers of bikers, gun-carrying country boys all of whom found their raison d’etre as Trump followers. A communication network has evolved with Trump as the star. Minders and facilitators fall into place because Trump himself has no qualities of leadership other than a series of well placed one-liners. A support set-up and multi-tasking team do what is required because, according to Michael Cohen, Trump doesn’t actually do anything himself, he has other people do it for him. The planning for what happens next politically is underway, and this is a force to be reckoned with.

In his appearances at these airport rallies, he wears the persona of a fallen angel come down to be with the ordinary folk, bearing wealth and influence to invest in social change (the likes of which we have never seen). He entertains the crowds with theatrical references to ‘the deep state’, uses incidental swearwords; they roar and cheer and he bonds immediately with the mass seventy-one million.

But there’s something in the air… it’s Joe Biden’s demeanor, being calm when answering reporters’ questions. The sense of his being calm is making me calm. But is his ‘calm’ sufficient to quell the coming storm? Does he have the organizational skills to build an entire army of ‘less talk, more action’, just getting on with The Right Thing, and whatever is necessary to bring COVID to an end? In this way, the Trump catastrophe becomes an incentive to do better, very much better – and picking up a few Republicans on the way, open the economy at the right time, in the right way.


9 thoughts on “trump and the seventy-one million

  1. Well said, as always. There’s also the thing of the cumulative stress and craziness after all the time we’ve been bombarded with this miasmic addict’s ick. At least one CAN get to a space of non attachment to all these thought forms and then, one hopes, progress. It’s certainly quite the opportunity to Practice….and, turn off the TV. Take care of yourself!!!!

    • Hi Kelley, have been thinking of you there in Red country selling your wares to members of the public. I’m hoping that after the Creepy Guy is gone, Biden in his quiet way will garner support from a lot of people and some Republicans who are just so grateful to get things back to how they were. The threat will be from the Trump cult on the edge of the law. But the Biden effort to restructure government Covid treatment and all the damages done by Trump will be an opportunity to dissolve that cumulative stress… slow but time will tell.

      • It’s nerve wracking to say the least. And up here? downright scary. But i believe we can move forward and each time one does not respond to the negativity and meanness in kind, it moves us all toward change. Our hair is definitely on fire! xo

      • The white-no-college-degree, brazen, bully types are the Trumpian supporters we see with guns and flags and downright scary – I’m guessing. Many of us are in a safer place… here in Thailand the mainstream culture is non-confrontational. I feel your urgency. My understanding of the predicament is as a compulsive television news watcher, and this is how Trump reaches at the psycho sensitive parts of me, remembering the bully in the schoolyard. It’s just so good to know that as long as I do “not respond to the negativity and meanness in kind, it moves us all toward change.” As Hardie K says here, “Time for the healing to begin…” I go with that, looking for ways to achieve that end…

  2. He has 73.7 million votes now, but who’s counting? it’s still more then six million, and almost four percent, behind Biden. I just hope that we can get the ogre out of the White House without anyone getting hurt, any more than they already are. You’re right: he infects the mind. Time for the healing to begin…

    • I wrote this post during the quiet few days just before Trump got in the media, started shouting and yelling again. It’s likely D T will trash all sorts of stuff on the way out of the White House. But we repair what’s broken and let that go. You’re right, it’s “time for healing to begin” I guess that’s up to us individually – maybe they will have a commentator who doesn’t dwell on how ‘bad’ the D T damage is, and offer some positive future thinking.

  3. You are probably right about him being an addict. Tom says he is magical all the time. I have a friend who works at MSNBC who says he has lost it. He said this 4 years ago. You are watching as much news as we are. We are cutting back. It is still way too upsetting what is going on. He wants to disqualify the votes of black voters. Republicans are supporting this crime against democracy. I will say no more. We need peace and brotherhood and relief from the narcissistic dictator. How did this happen. 250, 000 dead. We are afraid for our lives. Biden is a good man. He will do the right thing with Kamala helping. You need some relief from this and we sure do. Thanks for caring about our country and its demise. xxel

    • Sunday morning here as I write this. I feel sorry for the black voters you mention and the fact that 250,000 Americans are dead but it’s not the demise of the US, after the ‘mourning’ the country will pick up and go on. It is way too upsetting as you say but it’s exactly this that’s the damage to the heart. I have to focus exactly on this and repair and rebuild. Trumpism will become a cult – but it could be that in the next year or so, he will fall to pieces through drug abuse and the criminal court, rape cases, and provable misdemeanors, etc. The important thing is get him out of the president’s role and hearts and minds of the American public and the rest of the world’s populations

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