our permanent house guests

Closing#1: Bangkok: Hi everybody, I thought I’d introduce two members of the household. The grey and white has a French name, he is Benoit [ben-wa]. The ginger one is Croissant [kwa-son] … when she curls up to sleep, she looks like a croissant. Their owner is M our niece who lives with us. She came down from Chiang Mai with the cattos (note; they are not cats, they are cattos; it’s a special species) … so the cattos came in a friend’s car, a seven-hour journey. A long time, but Benoit and Croissant were free to explore the whole of the interior of the car – look out the windows, ‘where are we now?’ Food and water and toilet box behind the back seats… then sleep together somewhere among the blankets.

Now they are here, and it’s been nearly a year. They integrate with nearly every aspect of our lives; this is their residence; this is their world. They can’t go out to the garden beyond the screen doors. Everything they need is in here, a staircase they can run up and down on, get exercise, fall asleep together somewhere upstairs or downstairs – get lost in sleep… [more later]

10 thoughts on “our permanent house guests

    • Thanks Ellen, M is the alpha cat-mother, they sleep in her room and she carries them around, Benoit on her shoulders and holding Croissant in her arms. It’s fun to watch and be part of their world.

    • “Inhabitants” is the word, and it is quite lovely to be close to these four-legged beings. Sometimes we just watch them for long periods of time – your wild life photography tells me you must know how this feels.

      • Yes, it’s great to just sit and watch as animals are doing their thing. And when i still had two cats living with me, it was always interesting to see what they were up to 🙂

    • They are so much part of our life, it sometimes feels like this is their house and we are the visitors… coming in with shopping and going out again for a few hours.

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